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Used in any situations

EXCEL PURE can be used in any situations especially, where it is exposed to
wind or rain, and where it is difficult for human maintenance.

■Resin made skylight

EXCEL PURE will enhances the lighting efficiency of skylight and contributes to saving your lighting cost. Also, it enables you to keep the appearance easily.

■Car port roof

EXCEL PURE will provides superior self-cleaning effect and keeps the appearance of your car port roof.

■Curve mirror

EXCEL PURE will washes off the dirt on curve mirrors by rain and maintains its visibility. It will contribute to the traffic safety as well.

■Outdoor sign board (resin made)

The sign board is the "face" of your company or shop. EXCEL PURE will make your sign board hard to be stained by dusts and improves the image of your company or shops.

■Green house

EXCEL PURE will increases the lighting efficiency of your green house and reduces your maintenance costs.

■Solar panel

Thanks to its light transmittance improvement & antifouling effects, EXCEL PURE will enhances the power generation efficiency of your solar panels.

Example of Application

Target Materials Acrylic resin,PC,PE,PP,Glass etc.
Example Acrylic mirrors,window,showcase,lens,outer wall,fiber,filter,display,
glass panels,etc.(Suitable for exterior construction in high and narrow places)
Application method spin coat,dip coat,brush coat,bar coat,flaw coat,etc.
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