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Protection of personal information regarding inquiries

We answer inquiries on this website by e-mail, postal mail, or telephone. Since we sometimes answer by postal mail or phone, customer names, addresses, contact phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. are needed. We implement the following measures for the protection of personal information according to "Central Automotive Products Ltd. Privacy Policy" (posted on the opening page of our website). Only those who agree with this contents and contents marked ※ below will be able to inquire on this website. If you agree, please click the "Agree" button below. Furthermore, if you do not agree, please call the phone number for inquiries relating to each individual product and inquire by phone. Even in the event of phone inquiries, please agree with contents marked ※ below.

1.Usage of personal information

We use personal information we collect at this "Inquiry" for the purpose of answering inquiries. We may use such information also for the purpose of providing better services, new product development, etc.

2.Proper management

For the purpose of preventing unauthorized access to or leakage of personal information we collect at this "Inquiry," we strive to maintain the security of this website, and exercise reasonable and proper management.

3.Prohibition of disclosure to a third party

We do not disclose or provide personal information we collect at this "Inquiry" to any third parties.

4.Respect of rights

If a customer requests a disclosure, revision, deletion of his/her own personal information we collect at this "Inquiry", we will accept it within a reasonable period and to the extent appropriate.

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