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The effciency / durability of "EXCEL PURE" are confirmed through various testings.

The durability or efficiency of "EXCEL PURE" have been examined and studied through various tests at our in-house technical center and third party's laboratory. You can rest assured of its quality.。

Various test data

■Contact Angle Data/Acrylic Resin

■Contact Angle data/ polycarbonate resin

*The test result at our in-house technical center

■Antistatic Effect (Acrylic panel)

The antistatic effect test was performed in a Middle Eastern desert. Sand did not latch on to the coated surface.

*Test result held at desert area of Dubai

■Surface of Acrylic Resin as seen though Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

EXCEL PURE forms nano-sized unevenly shaped film on the surface of Acrylic resin.
This shape enhances hydrophilicity and provides self-cleaning effect.

*Observation by AFM in Kyusyu University

■Light transmittance data of acrylic panel (after 8 months of exposure)

The panels which has coated by "EXCEL PURE" maintained higher light transmittance than those to which the coating was not applied since right after application. Also, the light transmittance of coated panels was recovered when it rain (self-cleaning effect).

*Evaluated at Miyazaki University


Test item Test conditions Acrylic material Polycarbonate material Glass material
Light Transmission rate Wavelength rate at 1,100~360nm increased by at an average of 2.5% increased by at an average of 3.8% increased by at an average of 2.5%
Reflective index Wavelength rate at 800-350nm 0.6%(@400nm) 0.2%(@460nm) 0.2%(@500nm)
Peeling strength test Peeling with cellophane tape No peeling No peeling No peeling
Initial defog effect Expcsed to vapor for 30 sec. and check by sight No water drops attached No water drops attached No water drops attached
Water contact
Contact angle of full, 10 sec. after dropped adhesion 7°or less(initial) 7°or less(initial) 7°or less(initial)
Surface Resistivity initial Value(Ω/□) 109~1010 109~1010 1010~1011
Boiling water resistance(contact angle) Contact angle after soaking in boiling water for 10 min. 7°or less 7°or less 7°or less
Accelerated weathering performance(contact angle) JIS K 7350 Standard(Sunshine Carbon Arc system for 2000h) 8°or less
ASTM G 154 Standard(UV fluorescent lamp type wheathering tester for 500hrs) 20°or less 20°or less 20°or less
Outdoor exposure(contact angle) Exposed on the rooftop of Central's head office for 6 months 7°or less 9°or less

Thickness of the test material : 2mm

*The test result at our in-house technical center

■Exposure test

It was demonstrated that EXCEL PURE manitained a contact angle of surface of Acrylic resin and polycarbonate at 10°or less after 6 months of exposure (see graph at left) Also, EXCEL PURE maintained its antifouling effect after two and half years of exposure (see photo at right).

■Upper : the agent not applied
■Lower : the agent applied
■Material : Polyester resin
■This exposure test took place at the rooftop of Central's head office for the period of January 2011 to June 2013

*Test result by rooftop of Central's head office

■Defog effect test

Applied steam generated from hot water to a test piece. (The photo is early stage). EXCEL PURE forms a super hydrophilic coating layer on the surface of material. Thanks to this layer, water drops in steam become water film and prevent the fogging.

*The test at our in-house technical center

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