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Swells the outermost of base materials (30~90nm) and adhere closely to materials.

EXCEL PURE is Alcohol-based solvent. After it touch with resin (organic) base material, the outermost of base material is swelled. Then, Silica particles – component of EXCEL PURE – get into the base material and enhances its adherence.

Mechanism of adherence

Flows seamlessly onto the surface, binding and enhancing its adhension by taking advantage of its hydrophilic components.

This is a result of collaborative study with Kyusyu University based on Industry-University cooperation. “PATENT PENDING”


Excel Pure maintained its anti-fouling effects after 2
and a half years exposure.

Polyester Composite Sheet (After 2 years exposure)
Acrylic resin made mirror (After 7 months exposure) Photographing in rainy day.

Antistatic effect

EXCEL PURE has an Antistatic effect. It prevents dusts or sands from latching on the surface of base materials.

It was demonstrated that an antistatic effect spreads around the surface of acrylic materials onto which Excel Pure is applied, preventing dust and sand from latching on. It is believed that the hydrophilic coating layer disperses static electricity into the air.

Excellent Antistatic effect

Experiments were conducted to see if styrofoam was attracted, and latched on to electrified test piece.
The aftected surface showed almost no styrofoam latching on.

The antistatic effect test was performed in a Middle Eastem desert.
Sand did not latch on the coated surface.

In addition to its self-cleaning effect, EXCEL PURE makes materials hard to be stained by sand or dusts. It enables you to keep appearance of materials for a long time.
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